Friday, April 13, 2007

Racism boils beneath

(I have been trying to post this since yestrday).

Yesterday, just as I started a new post, news started trickling in that there was trouble in town. The peaceful demo against the give away of Mabira Forest had gone awry.

I decided to wait and see how it’d unfold. It did. Badly.

Running battles, dead people who’d assured their wives at home that this time, it was safe coz the police chief had been quoted just the previous day saying that there wouldn’t be any trouble.

Now, three innocent people are dead.

This is not a post where I lay blame. Don’t have the strength to do that.

Just trying to imagine, though I can’t, what people of Asian extract are feeling right now. All the shops that belong to Indians’ in town, the one’s I know of anyway, are closed. I gues there’s going to be heavy traffic out of the country at the airport this weekend.

I shudder to think that most of the people on the streets are not feeling any remorse. How can we look at the Rwandans and say they are savage after 1994 when we are displaying the same traits?

I know, most of the people who threw the stones’ that ended the life of the unfortunate guy in the black shirt were part of the ‘led,’ not the instigators. But have we no shame? How do you pick a rock and cast it at the head of a HUMAN being, knowing well that it could end his life, will end his life?

Yesterday, we showed ourselves for who we really are; we are a racist lot and when we go to the USA and get Rodney King’d we should just shut it. The events also exposed the danger we are in. We live on the brink of madness, just as the Tutsis in Rwanda lived with killers next to them yet they exchanged gifts at Christmas and invited them into their houses for their children’s birthdays.

I saw a TV presenter yesterday who, in the middle of his show, said almost as an afterthought that we should observe a moment of silence for the “Bayindi who lost their lives,” this with a smirk on his face.

I heard two chicks laughingly saying they wished the mob had gone for their Indian bosses and beaten the crap outta them.

And the president must have not heard the full extent of the chaos when he made those arrogant remarks while at the VP’s home. He was making light of a situation that some people will inevitably pin on him.

The only one who might breath more easily in this maelstrom is the VP. At least the Red Pepper might give him a break after all.

Don’t you just hate it when Blogger just wont open when you click Blog This!?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The anointed of the Lord

When the noise dies down, the big man will probably rise up and see about answering us. See we are all just proles. That is the biggest mistake we made when we had to choose between being big and being just normal, we played with our chances. We blinked and missed it. So now we have to live with that mistake.

The big men don't get there by being all good and pretty. They fight and get muddy all over. They sweat blood and make big sacrifices. That's why it sounds so strange when the proles try to make changes by just talking. You can't cause change by demonstrating. Not in a world gone crazy, where the only way to understand others is the color of blood.

So are we ready for the revolution? Do we need a revolution?

It is said we should not touch the annointed of the lord. God weighs us and gives us the leaders we deserve. So who are we to start fighting over things we are unhappy about? We got ourselves here, no?

There's alot of idle talk. Maybe that's why things never change in this land. The guys up there have gotten used to the fact that we talk and never act.

I don't know...these days i just rumble.