Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The anointed of the Lord

When the noise dies down, the big man will probably rise up and see about answering us. See we are all just proles. That is the biggest mistake we made when we had to choose between being big and being just normal, we played with our chances. We blinked and missed it. So now we have to live with that mistake.

The big men don't get there by being all good and pretty. They fight and get muddy all over. They sweat blood and make big sacrifices. That's why it sounds so strange when the proles try to make changes by just talking. You can't cause change by demonstrating. Not in a world gone crazy, where the only way to understand others is the color of blood.

So are we ready for the revolution? Do we need a revolution?

It is said we should not touch the annointed of the lord. God weighs us and gives us the leaders we deserve. So who are we to start fighting over things we are unhappy about? We got ourselves here, no?

There's alot of idle talk. Maybe that's why things never change in this land. The guys up there have gotten used to the fact that we talk and never act.

I don't know...these days i just rumble.


Blogger The 27th Comrade said...

You are generally spot-on. There develops a kind of apathy when you realise that the friggin' dogs are just barking.

But I think I am glad that I, for one, understand that it is by far much easier to be a critic (one of the shouting, frothing crew) than to be the one being criticised. My job is infinitely easier than that of the criticised. And I am glad my performance doesn't come under such fierce review on my own projects.

But then, I guess it comes with the territory.

8:02 AM  
Blogger countryboy said...

your style is steadly changing. the way u write. kinda compulsive. u leave the reader musing. if i may ask the common question: what is it u r feeding on?

11:50 AM  

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