Thursday, May 04, 2006

Guns all around

Last week, the Ugandan Inspector General of Police, a soldier called Kale Kayihura complained that there were way too many guns in private hands. The number of people moving around totting guns is rising and there is no telling when the shit will hit the fan, to use a soga phrase.

The newspapers have been commenting on the number of private security firms blossoming in Kampala. Apparenly, from the 13,000 strong police force that we have, the demand for more security is encouraging more business oriented people to go into the whole bodyguard thing. It pays to have a security firm in Uganda today.

And the citizens will pay for the services. No one wants to be in the situation that Mrs. Kiingi found herself. Y'all remember the prominent lawyer who was shot and killed just outside her home.

The problem is that there are journeymen who will do just anything to get the chizzy. This happens everywhere in the world so i wont say it is a Ugandan problem. The problem presented itself and the enterprising peeps stepped in. Now we have 18,000 private security people on the loose in Kampala, working for about 75 firms, according to Daily Monitor.

There are as many people who will hold a big ol' rifle and stand guard outside a bank as there are people registering to go and work in Iraq. When the rich opinion leaders shout themselves hoarse that "our sons are going to be butchered in Iraq," the applicants fire back that these crybabies are not going to feed their families so they should just like shut the hell up.

So we have desperate people ready to do anything. And when the security firms put out ads for vacancies, there are thousands who want in. We end up with dangerous recruits who sleep on the muzzles of their guns at midday and cry like little girls when creative robbers hit the place.

Are Ugandans dying at the hands of senseless gunslingers? Is it the Wild West all over again? No. We have very bright security chiefs (Noble, Kale and Tinyefunza). But the fact that the guns are put in the hands of the wrong personell is our own undoing. But i know that if it gets to a point where some strategic aspect of the regime's program is in jeopardy, we'll have another Wembley up in here and Kampala will be peaceful once again.

Oh, by the way, we are gearing up for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting next year.


Anonymous Undo said...

The way things are turning out is scary...we shall have bands of security guards who go around forcefully borrowing our properties...

We need new labour laws so that the minimum wage can be set...stop the exploitation. These guys earn less than 100,000 and guard up to millions of bucks

1:27 AM  
Blogger Jay said...

there are indeed many guns out there. However I do not feel Kampala is made that much unsafer because of this.
Ever since Operation Wembly things have quietened down a lot.

3:19 AM  
Blogger Degstar said...

peace is more than just the absence of war. of course a Movt apologist like Kaihura wldnt be kawa with someone other than him and his brigade holding so amny guns, u cant very well bully people who have the means to protect themselves, remember David Koresh and the FBI?

3:22 AM  

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