Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some ground shaking moments in the life of…

Raid on Kampala
More than twenty years ago, a ragtag army marched into Kampala. The skinny soldiers, led by an even skinnier rebel leader,

tried to stay on their feet. Their feet must have hurt like hell because many of their shoes were just shadows of what they should have been. The soldiers marched into the city and they were as shy as the onlookers. They had to fight to cover themselves with the rags on their backs. What a joke it would be to compare those dudes with the fat people we see now!
Chasing the Bronco
I was watching TV at some cousin’s place for the whole day because there were no kids to play with in Lugazi’s doctors’ quarters. The other reason was that there were no nosey adults to stop me watching TV to my fill. So I watched the story of this black guy who had supposedly murdered his white wife. OJ was a hero before his arraignment. He became a bigger one when he killed Nicole.

One of the highlights of that case was the chase of the Ford Bronco. And the Bruno Magli kicks. Say, what was that about planted evidence?
6 Minutes of madness
During the finals of the European Championship last year, the first half had shown everyone that Liverpool was down and out. There were bitter tears because the Mersey siders had really come from far. They had come in as the under dogs and all those who had that rebellious trait to root for David were feeling let down.

Whatever Rafa Benitez told those lads in the dressing room, we’ll never know. At three goals down after the first half, Liverpool came back to score three goals in six minutes and to change the course of the game till the end. That match reminded me why I love this team to bits.
Gaetano – the return
The dude had not won the prize money. He’d not done a lot for the country as far as economists were concerned. Timothy Kalyegira had predicted weeks before that he would be evicted early and that because of his shenanigans in the house, he would not win a dime.

That was a non issue for the Ugandans fans, though. When he returned, he was met by a mammoth crowd at the airport and he had to behave like a politician. Heck, he’s a Seya incarnate.
Nicole Treasure
This little lady is not called treasure anymore. She is two years old now. Something I will never understand. Because to me, she is a treasure. She is one of the few humans I have seen on the day, they were born. And she was oh, so fragile. That moment had me wishing I had a little girl of my own. Surely, she is made of sugar and spice and everything nice.
Inzikuru 2005
Dorcas Inzikuru has won gold at the recent Commonwealth competitions in Australia. We applauded but it was not like we were taken completely by surprise. She was better than her competitors. The real sweet victory was the one last year at the Olympics.

She pulled off a feat no one expected her to. After Ugandan athletes had perfected the art of the “almost,” we expected the best performance to be probably silver. That girl swooshed past her rivals with a big smile, even if there was no one to give a flag. The same thing happened again but Dorcas is not to be daunted by government red tape. She will go one winning while our leaders wring their hands and pray that she loses so they won’t have to make good their promises.
No matter how much one can say they hate the US of A, few people actually celebrated when those planes hit the twin towers. My peeps and I were on a bus going for ministry in Nairobi the day it happed.

I did not understand why the police people at the border post were crowding around their small radios. The fact that America was defiled means that no one is safe. There is no where to hide. But the fire balls were terrific. In the hostel lobby in Nairobi, I sat watching the TV waiting for a repeat of the item where they showed the planes hitting the buildings. It was like a video game, a movie, perhaps. Moral of the experience: Don’t crash air vehicles loaded with aviation fuel into the World Trade Centre.
Cigars and denials
The American president was up there in the dock fighting for his political life. The world watched as Bill Clinton was exposed for the slime ball he really is.

He squirmed and groveled and made lots of people sick to the stomach. But it was also a good thing because it was one more reason for Ugandan politicians to stop comparing us to America every time they are on the ropes. Every time they go like “Even in America…” we shall always be asking if the example is appropriate, given that it is the home of a president who just cannot keep it in.
Mercy acquittal

Yeah, like mercy killing…you get?
The Goonies

I watched The Goonies again. I was thrown back to a time when life was good. Politicians were straight, prices were lower and children respected their elders. (And that was not the Sun Screen). I was there misty eyed and thinking; the guy who produced this movie is the same who gave us E.T, A.I and Polar Express. He is also the guy who gave us head messers like Schindler’s List and Munich. Well, can’t understand everything.

Oh, by the way, Top TV is a Ugandan station that normally is seen as a Christian establishment. Now they are showing 24. Seems we are stuck with Jack Bauer for some time. They are starting with season one but knowing how addictive series can be, we’ll soon be picketing their offices and demanding that they show the whole thing up to season five. Then we shall demand for CSI and the OC. Wait…isn’t 24’s appeal the violence? What is a Christian station doing showing it?


Blogger jkb said...

See no evil, hear none, and save the damn world! U're killing me with this stuff, but hey keep it coming.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Mataachi said...

slime ball, bill clinton? and what do you call george bush2? i would like to hear your thoughts on him. what are your thoughts on him?

how did 9/11 change your life? you don't say. i would like to know how on a personal level. it was awe-inspiring and terrifying but did it affect your life?

inzikuru, yes, gaetano, yes, made us feel ugandan in a way we hadn't since i think the battles for making the constitution in like 1994 during the CA or something. i hadn't felt strongly about anythng until then at least.

gotta stop, sorry for making a blog entry instead of a comment.

6:50 AM  
Blogger savage said...

Everybody is raving about 24, but for some reason I can't even gather the energy to sit down and watch an episode. Tell you what? I have seen the teasers, but I never watched a single episode.Seriously.For less than $20 I could walk into a pawn shop and buy me a used complete season box set, but I never considered that even for a split second. What exactly is wrong with me?Is it because I tend to hate anything all cool people want? or is it because I like things because they appeal to my senses as opposed to because everybody likes them? Somebody please make me watch 24.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous baz said...

Just to make sure no one gets confused: OJ, Clinton and MJ were framed.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Degstar said...

yes dude, how did 9/11 change your life?

Savage, go watch 24 and quit posturing already! you'll thank me.

since we're talking about framed peeps, anyone remember Judge Clarence Thomas?

1:05 PM  

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