Friday, April 21, 2006

Black Easter in Masaka

Tragedy fell on Masaka Hospital this week. A baby whose mother had complications during birth lost its life because the doctors decided to sever its head and save the life of the mother.

Looking at the picture on TV, the kind of picture CNN could never show to its precious viewers, (and one Al Jazeera would kill for) one feels really sorry. I mean, you can’t help but think of all the things this human being could have become. Maybe this is the person who would have brought that much needed change that people are always dreaming about in Ug.

The baby’s dad looked dry eyed and kind of in shock. Delayed shock. The guy was talking with a strange little smile playing at the corner of his mouth. And this made the sorrow even deeper for the viewers. The mother was too devastated to say anything.

But when one hears what the plans are that this couple has, one is forced to question a few things.

Who is to blame? The doctors, nurses or the parents? Must there always be a human being to be the fall guy? Does nature have a say in the tragedies that stalk us or have we given up on blaming forces of nature because we know we cannot win?

Apparently, the hospital had only 2 nurses on duty. There was no doctor present and the patients were at the mercy of God. It was Easter and everyone had gone off to celebrate the resurrection of the Son of God.

When the mother felt her pangs, she was rushed to the hospital but there was a complication that would have been solved by a doctor, according to the WBS reporter. The hospital blames the couple for waiting until too late. Mbu dilation had gone beyond normal and there was no way she could have had a normal delivery.

The mother had had four previous births at the same hospital but all of them had been Caesarian. When she was taken to the theatre, the nurses were blowing hot air down her back, telling her to “push.” So she tried. And maybe, she could not explain to them that the road they were forcing her down was dangerous.

In the end, she could not push and the baby was going to die. But the mother was also in critical danger. So the decision was made; cut the head and save the mother. And we in Uganda have to say, “what else is new?”

Then all hell broke loose. TV guys were in the area and now, it is the stuff of legend in Masaka.


Blogger Jay said...

Its a pity such cases are very common around. Many times caused by underqualified Medical staff or negligence.

11:16 PM  
Blogger Degstar said...

an entire hospital with nary a docter on duty! not even an overworked, underpaid harassed intern. we really do live a dog's life in Our Gifted by Nature neck of the woods.

4:00 AM  

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