Monday, January 02, 2006

For the love of the state

Right now, if you are an African, it is wise not to be one from Uganda. While there is too much drama going on on the political front, maybe its safer if you watch from the distance. Like from Rwanda or …but wait, didn’t someone say Rwanda is just a province of Ug? That means when the shit hits the fan, there’s going to be as many faces smelling in Ug as there are in Rwanda. Maybe, one should watch from The Cape of Good Hope.

The president has been implicated in yet another scam. Buying off judges, trying to influence their judgment and relegating his biggest rival to the abyss of forgetfulness. Well, when a guy who sees himself as a revolutionary who should be followed wherever he goes turns into the guy whose morals you want to question, things are not exactly rosy.Of course we don’t know if these stories hold any water. For fairness’ sake, lets assume the dude is innocent and just the victim of a calculated attack from his enemies.

When Napoleon wanted to get France to do what he wanted, he strangled all the guys who thought they were smart. That translates into all those who think that freedom is free. The intelligentsia of the day disappeared and the little conqueror had a ball trampling all over Europe.

That eventually, it is these same smart guys who brought him down is beside the point. Napoleon’s time was up anyway and there was little he could acquire by the time he was banished to St. Helena.

So you want to stick your tongue out at Kagu? Think again. If you want to go down that road, you have to be ready to give up everything. Because it will come at a high price believe me. That dude, wont bend over just like that, gafula.


Anonymous sweetfreedom2 said...

So do u want to fight or not?

4:05 AM  

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