Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mama Miria, dear

Its official, Mama Miria will never be president of this country. In a single move, Andrew Mwenda shattered all the dreams I had been entertaining; that probably, next year, Uganda would also pull a Liberia.

The lady must have taken a very long time without thinking about issues at hand. Probably, when she was in State House, she was like Marie Antoinette. Or probably, Ugandans did not debate about issues the way they do today. Whatever the case, when she appeared for the show, she started from a fizzle and just went down, without even making an attempt to impress.

She just went into that old game of African politicians, Ugandan opposition, actually; throwing blame and flexing muscles. She has not heard Winnie talking. Yesterday, we had Winnie and as usual, she dazzled the listeners. The chick sounds beautiful even without being seen.

Winnie is bright. She knows how to load her statements with double entenders. There was that one about “Museveni is not man enough!” Boy, that chick rocks.

Then we were told that the next guest was mama Miria. Cool, we said. When she came in, I could not hold the bile. She is so unimpressive. Whoever is using her is walking a tight rope. On one side, she is a strong rallying point and she can draw multitudes. On the other hand, she is so completely ignorant about what to say. She shoots from the hip but she also can shoot at her troops. No one is safe.

But one good point in all this politics this season is that we are getting to learn history we never learnt in school. This is the real stuff we should have been taught back in shule. So we shall know the saints and the liars. Oh, and with all these politicians coming to speak on the radio, I’m seeing the people who shall be studied about years from now.

So there you have it, whoever is reading this load of bu…

Okay i tried to upload a picture of the lady but the net jammed.


Blogger baz said...

Missed the show, but you have just confirmed my suspiscions about Miria.
You are right, though. Winnie has a voice that melts butter. She should do the Late Date instead of Ronnie.

1:09 AM  
Blogger Mataachi said...

Winnie for Late Date? You have gone too far! Take it back! Have you seen how haggard Winnie looks lately. and there we are still just talking about her face...

4:37 AM  

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