Monday, November 28, 2005

Madam Johnson-Sirleaf

Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf got herself a big ol’ new job. Congs, girl! That’s the way to go. You have to show these males the way it’s done.

Maybe her victory is timely. Having heard her talking, I compared her speech to King George’s and I found the royal goal scorer really wanting. So he’s spent like a whole lifetime in Europe schmoozing with the big money guys. What has that gotten him? Lots of money certainly. But he’s failed to learn to pronounce basic words.

How the dickens did he go about asking for directions or telling his accountants and lawyers about his plans for his millions? I mean, the dude cannot say a whole sentence in real English. Now we all know that Liberia needs reconstruction and all that. So how could we go and elect a guy who cannot speak the language of the guys who hold the purse strings of the world?

Oh, sorry. For a moment I thought I am Liberian. Anyway, I don’t miss being one. My plea is to Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf; please start a much-needed programme to teach the young people of Liberia how to speak. They need it, God knows.


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