Friday, November 25, 2005

What do you know? We now have gas masks!

So the situation got so tricky, everyone will look at you like you are crazy when you walk out of your house without a gas mask in Kampala. Funny how just a few days ago, we were all hugging and weeping and marvelling at the power of reconcilliation to bring warring factions to the same table.

Now, because of some grey man somewhere in the bowels of Seaside University, we are all breathing in strange gases. Everyone who has been in the city in the last twelve days has breathed the fumes.

And that is where the gas mask makers make their killing. Someone went and told them over the net that there is a demand in Ug for their products. When you see your neighbour moving out with a strange black contraption strapped over their head, dont go calling the US. ( i know there is almost no difference between the guys wearing gas masks and Ninjas or terorists).

And we can wear our masks but the cause of all this is not going to escape the teargas. Last week, he was in the papers, his interesting face made even more interesting by the effects of having stared for long into the gas. So what finally breaks him down and makes him accept to the funny charges might actually be the gas.

But all that is beside the point, go and get yourself a mask while stocks last. Now.


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