Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Big Fish

If my gut is not wrong, there’s an Adolf Eichmann situation brewing in my neighborhood. The kind that’s written about in lame fiction, praising the cleverness of CMI or something like that. My concern is not the glory of kidnapping a big war criminal here. I am thinking of the money that such things always have stuck in the cracks of its walls.

When a well fed dude surfaces in your area, complete with a beautiful wife and beautiful kids to boot, what are you expected to think? That’ not all, by the way; this guy, with his well fed stomach and well fed wife and kids are living in a house that is def not to their standard. They are living in a one room house. Shack, I mean.

Now I could say that he is one of the unlucky businessmen who make stupid decisions every now and then and that he has fallen on hard times. But I have also seen the gold watch he spots and the gold chain around his neck. Maybe he has a gold tooth, like Fiddy, only that he rarely smiles. Dude is straight off the lawn at Kampala Club. If he had to walk into a VIP club anywhere in town, he’d not be asked for identification. If he was riding in your car and a traffic cop flagged you down, chances are that he’d let you go when he spots this dude in your passenger seat. He’s like that. Government written all over him.

Kati you know how that German guy was kidnapped in Argentina in 1960. The Israelis just did not let up until they had got their big fish. Even when the rest of the world tried to forget about Auschwitz, these people did not.

When I look around, I can only see one place where atrocities happened in the not so far off past. Yeah, Rwanda.

What if this guy is some evil genius who masterminded the radio programmes? Maybe he’s the guy who wrote the scripts and coined the term Inyenze. Maybe…

maybe i am just riding on the wave of bad movies made by guys like Michael Moore.


Blogger Pancake said...

LA, please save my soul, i need yo help.

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Zee German said...

I vil find you und make u pay.ja!

4:00 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Slow down bro. Don't call in the secret police just yet.

Fellow might just be your garden variety hustler. He gots to look good to make the dough.

5:54 AM  
Blogger minty said...

Have u been reading the papers lately? Someone's at pains to disclaim residence at a certain posh lakeside house in Kawuku. Perhaps he's moved into a simple abode to beef his story? Think, think, um, are there night prayers at their place?

11:02 AM  

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