Monday, July 31, 2006

Stuck in the closet: The Uganda chapter

Ronnie Sempangi is the enemy of the state. Our state. In fact, all radio stations that are thinking of doing what he is doing should abandon the idea forthwith or they will be sorry, gasia tu!

You guys should have heard what went down the other day on his show, The Late Date. This chick called in and asked him to call a friend of hers, mbu to trick her into revealing who her boyfie is. As you have guessed, chick numero uno was trying to catch chick numero deuce with her pants down (I know that sounds crass. No apologies, hombre).

The second girl had stolen her friend’s man. The dude told the first girl that he was doing the night shift at some factory. In fact, he was doing the night shift at the other girl’s place.

So the usual drama was played out; Ronnie called the cheating girl and asked her who her man was, she admitted that it was who we thought she would say it is, second girl got really pissed off, she got Ronnie to call the guy and he got busted, trying to lie to the world that he was at the factory. He was actually at the factory but that is not exactly what you tell the woman scorned.

I could not help remembering R.Kelly’s 5-part twisted story about people finding out later that what they have tried so hard to uncover about their partners would have been better left covered up. Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew and Sebaggala’s city can’t just be dirtied like that, mbu you are spitting, spitting.

Drama like this is played out every morning on Sanyu FM (This station rules the nation). Fatboy and Allan Kasujja and the ka girl get guys to admit to stuff they should not be admitting with the whole world listening in. And the rest of us have laughed and had a good time at the expense of the dudes with egg on their face. Bad thing, that.

Because, partner, it could be you any time. These soft looking people at our sides, the all feminine, wispy waifs are vicious inside and their minds work over time to get us to do things that will tie us down like forever. Admitting to the world that you love only her in the whole world is supposed to make you don metal underwear and stop chasing the cats.

P.S: The Late Date is a show on Capital FM that comes on laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate in the night. It is very popular with females. That’s why its called The Late Date. Did I say it comes on laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate? I did? Well, it comes on laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.


Blogger ish said...

i loved The Late Date in K'la! i rember me and my sisoz would stay up late just for it! then aftewars, we'd practice what we'd say if DJ Ronnie ever called us! we thought of ingenius things like "huh? my what?? (real sleppy voice here) my boyfriend? ah, you just woke me up, tell him i love him, he knows himself!" (hang up here)

11:53 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

I always wonder why anyone would answer such questions to a complete stranger on the phone.

6:20 AM  
Blogger baz said...

What do you mean "the ka-girl"? LA, for shame! You know her name!

7:30 AM  

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