Monday, March 06, 2006

Suprise, suprise

What do you know, in the end, that over rated Cowboy flick did not win best picture. In fact, in the end, only the Best Director award went to Ang Lee. The rest of the top six awards went to, Phillip Seymour for best actor, Reese Witherspoon for best actress and yada yada yada.

So why did the biggest movie of them all lose? Everyone told us that it had to win, after all those other awards it had swept in Hollywood. Can we put it down to fear? Did the grizzly old fellows who sit on the board get cold feet and malice this story?

Everyone remembers how the Christian Right in the US got the Ssalongo prez re elected. They flexed their muscles and America did what they wanted it to do. Did the likes of Pat Robertson tamper with Oscar? If they did, they did it so quietly. Those guys must have learned what it means to give a movie any kind of publicity. They learnt that when they open their mouths to condemn a picture, the Lord’s children would only be drawn the more. Best thing to do is shut it.

The flick that won best picture had not been considered as big deal. Until yesterday. Now, everyone in Kampala is going to be looking for it in the libraries. The guys in the libs are going to have to learn about it on a crash course because in the next few months, a great number of people are going to flock in looking Crash. Crash? What is that? Sounds like a drink. Does it come from LVBC?

But for all its notoriety, maybe, it had a good story. Maybe, it was actually the best movie of the year, seeing as Ang Lee made it. Remember, he gave us Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Fact is, Ugandan cinema operators must be mightily relieved. They wont have to answer questions about “that gay cowboy movie that has made such waves Stateside.”

Instead, Ugandan moviegoers will probably be asking for Crash. Nice diversion, eh? Marion Busingye said last week that Cineplex would probably not show Brokeback Mountain because of the expected backlash. I think it was insightful. Look at the backlash the movie has got t the Oscars.


Blogger baz said...

Crash has actually been in town for a while, LA. I think Oprah is the one who really marketed it. So the Best Picture award went to something that Ugandans actually saw/have a chance of seeing. Surprise surprise, as you said.

12:45 AM  
Blogger Degstar said...

in a weird kinda way i was hoping Brokeback would win cz jon n i were planning on goin to d cinema to check out who'd actually come to watch it. we didnt figure on Ms. Busingye getting cold feet.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Carlo said...

i'm too homophobic to comment on this! except for: Soddom and Gomorrah, me warn ya!

3:27 AM  

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