Sunday, February 12, 2006

Desperately seeking a seat

The guy who wants somewhere to sit must be going through hell. I imagine every evening when he goes back home, he scrubs his tongue thoroughly with the strongest detergent he can find. I mean, after all that lying…Saddam’s spin doctor has a worthy competitor when it comes to this our Ugandan spin doctor.

Every week, he must go out there and sit in front of journalists who are already hungry to make a name and lie through his teeth. That cannot be a good job.

Why does this General talk about political stuff and nothing happens to him yet that other officer spoke out on political matters and he got a hot slap? “Ah, but you must see that the two situations are very different,” he says. And he can’t hide the sweat sliding down his neck.

But then, maybe it’s just the weather. Maybe, lying is why he got the job in the first place. Some people need more than just laying on of hands. They need seven baptisms before the dirt can get off, you know.

After all, when this same dude told the world that Kagu was devastated when that Colonel from down in the Sudan died in that freak accident, he still managed to come back and conduct business as usual, even when the Prez said he did not know what his minister was talking about. Same goes for the TV tax. Well, maybe his other brief is to be the whipping boy. Carry the entire president’s blame.


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