Monday, October 10, 2005

Jackee left and there was tears...

Okay, i didnt know how deeply this would affect us all. Jackee, sweetest thing that happened to my little world jumped on the plane and flew.

I am happy for her, though coz she's been here mopping for far too long, God knows, she needs a change of scenery. It's gotta be good for her that she's now going to be busy doing something important and that when its all done, she can stand and be counted as having contributed to something good for her country. Oh, Jeez, what's this?

Didnt realise how some peeps were gonna get really cut up over this departure. Dega actually turned it into something to mourn about. cavalier attitude and all were outta the window and it was dregs...

I wonder though, where does that leave all that talk about a sexual revolution and the regrets for having thrown away four years. Some habits really do die hard, eh?


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